Business English Program Background

          Business English Program was launched in 1991, aimed at responding to the greater demand of the business sector during the economic boom. The program has been developed and adjusted from time to time in order to keep pace with changes of labor demand, economic and social conditions, as well as the evolving situation. The program receives a very positive response and satisfaction from a wide range of organizations, both the public and private sectors, and from national to multinational agencies. 

General Information

          The Bachelor's Degree in Business English provides students with the necessary professional training and language in both the basic and applied aspects related to business; offers set of courses which allows students to develop their professional skills required in national and international organizations. The graduates efficiently possess knowledge and skills in diversed areas such as advertising, marketing, sales, logistics, human resources and airline etc. In addition, graduates are able to work as guides, secretaries, receptionists, etc. Our graduates are trained to have solid knowledge, practical English language, and professional skills in order to serve the preferable qualification required by the market place.

About the course

          During the first and second years, the courses mostly focus on valuable practical skills in listening, speaking, reading, writing and communication via general English and business communication. The third and fourth years focus on developing professional skills and certain knowledge of business, including management, problem solving and team working  through several integrated  courses on English for Business and work. The course provides the opportunities for apprenticeship to further develop entrepreneurial skills and familiarization with the workplace.  

Bachelor of Arts Program Business English Program, this revised edition of B.E. 2521 has been prepared according to the announcement of the Ministry of Education. On the National Qualifications Framework for Higher Education, 2009 as a guideline for setting goals in educational management of the curriculum and in developing or improving the curriculum. as well as teaching and learning management To be able to produce quality graduates that meet the needs of the current labor market

To be able to improve the curriculum to be up-to-date and in line with the needs of society, labor market, and national economic conditions. The program has organized a meeting with those involved in the production of graduates. which consists of alumni and graduate users from various enterprises as well as study the 12th National Economic and Social Development Plan, 2017-2021, the National Education Development Plan 2017-2036, and the trends and demands of the labor market. which has improved the general education subjects, core subjects and specialized subjects. by adjusting the course code and course descriptions to be appropriate as well as adding new, up-to-date courses and in accordance with the needs of today's society It also focuses on cultivating morals and ethics as well as promoting self-learning.

Career opportunities

          With the vocational and language emphasis of the courses, our graduates can work in various areas within organizations, especially in those where the international dimension is of key importance. All graduates are employed and got a prosperous career path in a wide range of organizations with high satisfaction.